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Auto Air Conditioning


Cudgee Cars is ARCtick authorised (Au:31647) to carry out all automotive air conditioning repair, service & maintenance task's. We have a fully automatic SPX Robinair Cool-Tech AC600 Pro air conditioning machine which removes refrigerant from the system, vacumm's down the system to remove moisture content, old lubricating oil's & flurocent dye's, it then leak test's the system by way of ensuring it will hold vacumm, then proceed's to recharging the system with clean lubricating oil, fresh fluroucent dye's and finally the fresh R134a refrigerant gas itself. We then have a refrigerant gas sniffer to further check the system to ensure no harmful refrigerant leaks into the atmosphere and also a final check with our UV dye light and UV responsive glasses. This ensures when the hot weather comes both you and the cabin of your car stay cool! 

Here at Cudgee Cars we only use the correct non-flammable R134a refrigerant gas. We refuse to use the much cheaper and much more easily obtained HR12 refrigerant - This refrigerant is available without a licence and as per its name (HR stands for Hydrocarbon Refrigerant) is highly flammable. Neither of our 2 licenced air conditioning tehcnician's believe in using a flammable gas within cabin area for obvious reason's. When you have your air conditioner repaired, serviced or maintained by Cudgee Cars you can have full confidence that it has been done as per industry standards, using only the correct gas as the manufacturer intended, without the risks of a cheaper, inferior flammable refrigerant and that it has been throughly tested and checked over. Peice of mind and a cool cabin - you can't go wrong! 

Give us a call and arrange a time to have your air conditioner repaired, serviced or checked over!


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